Coming to campus for in-person classes or services?

A COVID-19 VACCINATION IS REQUIRED for students attending in-person classes for Spring 2022 and for anyone coming to campus for in-person services.

Students registering for non-credit on-campus courses for the Spring 2022 semester must provide proof of vaccination. Students who are ready to comply with this mandate can submit proof they are fully vaccinated right now:  Submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

Career training at your convenience!

Corporate and Professional Education has many options to engage with our students this fall. Many of our courses will be on-site at either our 丹弗斯 or 林恩 campus; Nurse Assistant, Phlebotomy, Microsoft Office, QuickBooks,  Floral Design, many 更多的.

We will continue to offer "live remote" and "online" classes with your favorite instructors, and new instructors.  Our educational partners, ProTrain, ed2go, Cengage, Condensed Curriculum International have expand and revise their digital learning curriculum just for you.

New courses are available for Winter Spring 2022.

Unemployed? or Underemployed?

When job search alone does not lead to employment, MassHire can use funds available through grants or Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funds to assist eligible job seekers to obtain needed skills or credentials to return to work Contact your 当地的 MassHire Career Center for 更多的 information. Download the Training Opportunities Program (TOP) guide.

We are excited to be able to offer the following FREE training opportunities to those who qualify! Yes, FREE absolutely no cost to the student, all we ask for is your time and commitment! Click on each training to learn 更多的.

Have a question?

We like the personal touch!  Please call or email us weekdays between 8:00am – 5:00pm to get your questions answered.

Train with your favorite NSCC instructors

In the classroom or live remote learning using Blackboard, Zoom, Google Classroom and other platforms. Interact with your instructors and classmates as you continue your certificate program or try a new course.

Live online and hybrid courses

A combination of real-time instruction and self-paced coursework. 这 course structure allows you to build bonds with instructors and classmates, ask questions and receive answers in real time or within an anticipated schedule.


Classes that flex with your schedule, but still provide assistance when needed. 这 course structure allows you to plan study time around your day, balance work and family commitments with your schedule.

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